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Andrew Duhon
Hi, I am Andy that typical Deadhead making my way through life. I just graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and a minor in French and Military Science, pretty wicked aye., After four fun years in the Navy I turned in my fins for schools books, not I turned in my books for the Army. I will be a 2nd LT and stationed out at Ft. Lewis, WA. Now you might be asking why is a DeadHead in the United States Military? That question is easy. To help people out from all over the country and world. My four years in the Navy I learned a lot of things. One the military is a place where people come to find themselves, they might have been lacking that guidance at home or just not sure of the next step that they really want. As an officer I hope that I can give them some of that guidance. Its like being a teacher except you get to work with young people from all over the country.


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