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The holy, New Jerusalem Mass Genocide, Conventional War, EMPs, Thermonuclear Warfare We have an agreement with Mr.Robert Houston out of Canada with The United Nations Peacekeepers to end the world., Isalam Bethesda Mizpah: the new names for God, Son & Holy City, The Second Coming, The Great Day of God Almighty, An Axis Military Monarchy, The Battle of Armageddon. We support The Civil Rights of White Males, who are faithful, and obedient to God Almighty, and Jesus Christ. I am Jade Helm! Amen.


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The Lamb of God. I live in San Francisco. I want to buy homes in Pacific Heights, San Francisco where I may live. I want to shine with a golden, shimmering light. Praise The Lord on High! The Tabernacle of God, Security Office, 1455 Market Street, San Francisco, California, 94103, (USA.)

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A bride/wife. Crown Jewels. Servants. Blessings from God Almighty. I would like to move to the penthouse at 2500 Steiner Street. We are trying to remove Hillary Clinton. The Green Party seems to be helping. White Civil Rights! We are working with The Nazi, and Fascist Parties of Germany, Italy and Japan, and other Axis Nations and Institutions. We support and use slavery for Military and Agricultural, amoung other necessary business.


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