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My first show was Englishtown in '77. I've seen the Dead about 20 times (not impressive by Deadhead standards, but about 400% more than I've seen any other band). My last show was in the early '80s. I took a haitus from listening to the Dead for a long time. Starting in the early 90s, I'd occasionally catch the Morning Dew radio program and a couple of show tapes I made from that program, which kept the embers burning.

The Dead have crept back into my consciousness. I am now repurchasing CDs of all the albums I have in vinyl, plus a few I always wanted, but didn't get around to buying.

While most deadheads seem to blow off the studio albums in favor of show tapes, I am seeing that they stand up well on their own. Beside the fantastic recording quality, the songs are terrific. Albums like Wake of the Flood and Blues for Allah are quite progressive. You can see Phil Lesh's jazz influences. I'm also rediscovering--or perhaps discovering for the first time--the lyrics. I never thought much about them when I was a kid, other than the iconic phrases and place names. Now, I see that the Dead's music is filled with the American experience. Its greatness, but more, the sadness of seeking something that often isn't found.

I saved all my ticket stubs, but haven't seen them in years. If I come across them, I'll post my shows.


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