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On the bus from end 1978 to 1982-1983 ... my sweetest GD tour was northwest 1981. Been in France since 1987 and in the Bordeaux fine-WINE business since 1989...


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Connecticut born (New Haven area)... saw alot of jewels initially around New Haven, Springfield 1978, then notably Cape Cod 1979, Spectrums, Nassau's (but completely forgot those exact dates) ... far south as Virginia ... Remember a splendid summer 1981 tour : Salt Lake, Seattle (sublime !), Portland, Eugene, then LA ... the summer '82 Tour in Oklahoma, Red Rocks, 1983 SPAC ... and one last show on 9-19-1990 at MSG (the same evening as my flight into NY from Paris) but I had lost the scene by then.

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GD Amateur Videos ! Now loving to mix two-angle (amateur) video's of the same show do bring better (more diverse) visual pleasure (see LoloLodel on the tube).


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