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Music, photography, philosophy, art, world culture, 2012, astrology, crop circles, world peace, world health care, world education, quantum physics, astronomy, eternity, distant places, truth within, raw cherry stone clams, sashimi, dogs, conceptual art, hdr panoramas, theater, film, meaning, conversation, improvement, contribution, poetry, profound revelation, ideas, curiosity, beauty, society, serenity, humor, bliss, love, critters, audiophile, licorice, Ben & Jerry's Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz, Terrence McKenna, Shulgen, slackware, subgenius, liberal, nader, chomsky, ucsc, Monterey
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Bob Aronson


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Uncle Bob, Boober, The Mad Taper (4 mic [AKG 414bTL & 460b ck1] mix, up to 12 decks -nearly 100 lbs of gear, wire, lead acid batteries and blank tapes hauled into every show). Attended West Coast and Europe from 1988 including JGB with sonics mics.

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Old friends, taper collaborators, profound revelations, spamby, just looking...


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