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Robby Simpson's 202 Fitness Studio is refreshingly different from membership-based facilities and other training studios. I have a casual, friendly environment where highly skilled trainer Robby Simpson is focused on his clients' needs, and where every client's program is designed specifically to meet his or her fitness goal. This is what sets me apart from the clubs:

•Private Environment
•Personalized Program Design
•Full Trainer Attention
•No "High Pressure" Sales Pitch
•No Hidden Fees
•No Membership Fees
•No Contracts!
I do not believe in high pressure sales tactics used by most clubs and studios. I am further committed not to subject my clients to product marketing, such as vitamins or supplements as a means of increasing revenues. I network closely with physicians, dietitians and nutritionists to ensure our clients have every resource they need to achieve their health and fitness goals.

When you come to 202 Fitness to inquire about our personal training programs, rest assured that my complimentary consultation is truly complimentary

202 Fitness is located in Falls Church, VA 22044
Robby Simpson 703.888.8148

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