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I am a 50 year old father of 4 girls and 1 boy (28 to 19 years old) interested in all things dead related, collecting live shows (once on cassette, now on cd and dvd) surfing, my vw's (a 61 bus and 70 bug), labor history, the IWW, gardening, backwoods life. I love and collect Rick Griffin posters, sketches and other psychedelic art. I believe in the communal lifestyle and the barter system. I wholly support anarchy, but would settle for some good solid sociallism in the meantime. I am a Doctor in the Church of the Subgenius. The link above is to our California Grown Macadamia nut business. "In and out of the garden he goes", just another way to "Let it Grow"
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Mark F Marchese


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I have built and lived in several log houses, buses, vans, trucks, and tipi's all over California Arizona and my favorite place, the Pacific Northwest. These days I live on a nice piece of land in rural San Diego county. We grow organic avocado's, vegetables, tropical fruits and macadamia nuts. We have finally got our nut business up and running, we harvest well over 1500 macadamia trees in San Diego County. We sell nuts, candies, milk, butter and any other product we can think of made with macadamia nuts. We also raise chickens and ducks.

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Looking for good folks to trade healthy, natural and or organic food items and seeds for avocado's, macadamia nuts, fujo persimmons or chirimoya. Maybe just get together and share potluck or a local show.


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