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Jam, Peace love and happiness. Reading, being free. Collecting my music.
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50 years old, two kids at home. I love my music, I jam every day of the year. I'm into being free and having a good comfortable life without stress. I do not conform to the social norms of our society, always been a free spirit. I don't give a shit about the career ladder. I think there is much more to life than a job. I love sitting on Folly Beach SC in a cheap lounge chair jamming to my iPod. Society has become too complicated, free yourself from any self-imposed mental suppression, and live free. My music, books, and family are my life. Glad to live in the greatest nation on God's Earth.

Started the Grateful Dead Society on FB in 2011, come join us.

Coconut Phil.

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World Peace. The next great jam. All my brothers in arms to come home alive and safe.


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Coconut Phil