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coldpopcarl Goodridge
Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, VW, Volkswagen, females into VWs, PARLIAFUNKADELICAMENT THANG, Alaska's Beauty


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I live in Alaska ~ I am owner of % CANDYMAN ICE CREAM ~ I love to travel ALASKA searching for the AURORA BOREALIS * AKA the Northern Lights ~ Love VWs BUSES and THINGS ~ I am a down to earth kind of Guy ~ like to search for the BEAUTIFUL sights of ALASKA ~

Looking for

cd of the show from 8/18/70 it iz the most wanted BIRTHDAY show of mine
A female to hang out with that is into exploring ALASKA and other parts of the world
Searching for the AURORA BOREALIS what a sight it iz to see

I guess its been awhile since I 've been here cause After years of never gettin ahold of 8/18/70 I finally got it from my good friend "D" ~Dijon & to top it of it was A day or two before my Birthday 8/18/08 so i probably got it on the 16th along with a 72 show and some Peter Rowan or Rowan Brothers With Jerry


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