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Lisa McDonald
listenin' 2 Grateful Dead music n anything about the GD, drawin', readin', Egyptology (got 3 Eyptian tattoos) astronomy, n archeology, ridin' horses. goin' planetariums, swimmin', cookin' 4 friends n family, jammin' on IPOD while ridin' my lil' girls on the 4wheeler or dune buggy on a beautiful day, goin' 2 Dead concerts, carin' 4 my 5 yr old n 2 1/2 yr old fraternal twins-all girls, jetskiin' on the river, campin', lookin' through my telescope at the night sky at moon, planets, stars, etc., I am a trekkie ( a Star Trek fan), love spendin' time with my hubby, kidz, friends, n family, playin' my Xbox 360, watchin' /collectin' DVDs n CDs, makin' bracelets/anklets 4 $ to send 2 St. Jude's Hospital. And now chattin' with my new friends on the chat room!


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I'm a 38 yr old (39 in July) Deadhead from a tiny small town of Poplarville, Mississippi. I am also a stay-at-home mom of a 5 yr old n 2 1/2 yr old fraternal twins-all daughters. I genuinely care about people and all of Mother Earth's siembian beings. I try 2 live in the "now", and in doin' so I try 2 make everyday a "Grateful" day. I am fun-lovin' and very laid-back. I am also very non-judgmental. I am an independent n a buddist Christian (if there is such a thing). I love all things cosmic and love to ponder the mysteries of the universe and here on Earth as well (past, present, n future). "We are luminious beings, not this crude matter." Yoda, Empire Strikes Back

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friends like me-true Deadheads and true friends


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