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Well, I truly enjoyed, "The Grateful Dead", when Jerry was still with us. My first show was when I was 17 years young. Summer of '88, Alpine Valley, in East Troy, WI, year of the drought. I am also a huge movie lover. I am gifted with a ton of useless knowledge, concerning actors, actresses, the movies they've been in, and just typical useless celebrity facts. My sister says, "Oh, who was that guy, in that one movie? Call Deb, she will know, she knows all that movie junk." If only I could make a living, or at the very least, a little spare change with my useless knowledge. Oh well. And, of course, I love going to concerts. I will go see any type of genre live, given it's free. I'm open to, and willing to, and want to: Learn, learn, learn, grow, experience newness, bring it on. I hope I didn't bore you too much with this. I really would like to meet genuine, caring, and kind people from all walks of life. As long as we follow the golden rule, then, the more the merrier. Right? Right! O-tay. I'm F/W/AZ/WI/37. It's been a while, and I hope I described that correct. It means: Female/Widowed/Arizona/by way of WI/37 years young. Ok, . NOW I'm SURE that I've either bored you all or scared you away. Peace and have a Grateful Day! :)
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