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Jason Evans
Accoustic guitar, auto body and paint, the beach. Fishing, clamming, crabbing, mussel hunting, and whatever else the ocean offers. I love live music and traveling, and the Grateful Dead scene. I enjoy brain games, puzzles, brain-teazers, and word games. I totally kick ass at Jeopardy! Teen Tournaments! I have a MySpace, but that's just to keep up with friends who have no phones or who move around too quickly to call.


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Woke up to the Dead in '93 at Oakland Coliseum with 2 tix for Saturday nite, 2 for Sunday, and backstage passes to the Sat. nite show. It must have been the weekend of Chinese New Year or Mardi Gras because there were big paper dragons and Chinese figures running around the crowd. I was so impressed by the end of the show that I gave my backstage pass to this one kind head who welcomed me. I was lost and he showed me where I was at. I hope I meet him again someday. I wandered onto the floor an hour late after tripping backstage. After the first set, the lights came up and I said, "Oh no, I must have missed the whole thing." He tellms me "no, man, that's just the first set! Sit down, have an orange. This your first show?"

I'll never forget how much love I felt once someone pointed me toward the music and patted me on the back for showing up. Sometimes it's the smallest thing you do for someone that may be the thing they need greatly, and thus gratefully. And they'll help someone esle down the road. You don't do it because you will need a miracle somewhere down the road (although you will always need a miracle one day). You just do it cuz you're on the road.
The Grateful Dead, the kids who follow them, and the path we all leave behind us has blessed my life. People with a collective mind, humans with faith and love to spare, men and women you can trust with your heart and hand. Grateful Dead songs rock my soul. Their words have been guideposts and portals to me; exposing my mind to life, love, prosperity, pain, fear, joy, anger, and shame, but mostly honesty.
Ok, well enough about me, how bout you? Who are you and what inspires you? Feel free to email me or check for me in chat...u never know

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WoW a book by Almish Nelterson, distributed at Shoreline in '93 or '94 by the author. Sould be a big neon orange bood with black letters. It's a story about a drug called WoW that makes you like invincible or something.......


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