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Teaching, Reading, Writing, Speaking... timeless forms of self-exploration & expression, Grateful Dead and any other type of music to be born or to die by, Playing Scrabbleâ„¢ and Spades, online or otherwise, Sharing moments with the woman I love
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William Gerrity


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A holy goof who probably had a little too much too fast during this long, strange trip we know as Life.

A memory better than that of an elephant, despite the many frequent and wondrous journeys through the transitive nightfall of diamonds.

Caught my first show(s) by happenstance at 16. Fox Theatre Shows... Atlanta '85.
Hit the road for Hampton/Philly '86 shows and that was where i first REALLY "got it"... never looked back ( or ahead, really ) and kept on truckin' until an arrest for LSD in March '93 sent me away for 3 years.

Goodbye, Jerry. I never did get the chance to tell you how deeply your art and inspiration has touched and shaped me all these years. I suspect you have a vaguely general idea though.

I miss you, too, Brent... you were the missing link... like a hidden circuit-breaker that electrified the circus.I think too few people realized that about you... but I was certainly one of them, brother.

I bid you both good night.

William ( "Bilbo" ) Gerrity

Looking for

Im always seeking the music and the memories. If its high quality of any form... please share with me. I have a great deal myself and I get excited at the chance to pass it on.

I can deal in .mp3 , .wma (and CD via mail) . I also welcome any images, memoirs or even just your simple and honest friendship. " We are it, we are on our own"....

" whoa - oh ! what I want to know - oh ! ....

is are you KIND ? "


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