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Deb (Campbell) Robinson
Happiness, enlightenment, life...


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Hmmm... Grew up in Denver, & Colorado City/Rye Colorado. Have lived/worked in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and currently in Garden City, Kansas. Honestly enjoy what I do for a living, learning/teaching at a community college (accounting, business, law, & tech. stuff). "Experience" the Dead & other amazing, original, thought-provoking artists. I like to make stuff, build stuff, work on cars, cook

Had a blue-healer named "Blue", now a few Huskies (Jack, Bella, & Zayda). We ride dune-buggies/Bajas on sand (Wynoka-Oklahoma/St. Anthony-Idaho/Riverbeds & sand dunes in Southwest Kansas); have a Cabin in Colorado; restoring family farmhouse in Southwest Iowa, originally built in the 1880s-1890s.

Life is good.

Looking for

...Greg Frye (from Denver) - if you ever see this, drop me a note. You introduced me at Folsom in '80, and so many other things. You changed my life for the better! You have no idea the positive impact you've had on me. I'd like to get in touch again and see how your life is going. Used to be Deb Campbell. Hope you see this some day.


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