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"Dif" the reigning "King of Further" & all things Grateful a Royal Decree announced some time ago by the Queen

Royal Decree by Her Majesty, Laurie, Queen of Further & Myles The Duke of Further

By a Royal Decree announced today by the Queen,
"Let it forever be known henceforth that I have crowned "dif" as the United States King of Ratdog and Phil Lesh & Friends for all his good deeds in keeping his Queen & Duke fully informed on all things "Grateful Dead", the introduction of Dark Star Orchestra to the Royal Family & our friends and for his proclamation & dedication of the Royal song, the Dead's "They Love each Other". The King will residence in Buchanan Manor in Westchester NY and Holiday at the Royal residence in the Hampton's. King "dif" will be joining the Southampton Polo team playing position "Number One". Polo anyone?
Here yee here yee,
Long Live the Queen!

A message from Royal King "dif" & Queen Laurie;
Happy Birthday Jerry! May you be enjoying your after life & looking down fondly on The King & Queen for carrying forth the spreading of your wonderful music to people around the world. This day will henceforth be a Royal Holiday for all our people to partake and enjoy your music! Where will u be at 4:20? Long live the Queen!


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