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Uncut tapes from Folsom Field 9/3/72 & Hofheinz Pavilion 11/19/72.
Along with Aarhus 4/16/72, these first sets are definitive.

A way to thank Gerhard Schinzel for catching the Telefunken Special out of Olympiahalle '74. Thanks too to Uli Teute and Hanno Bunjes (the German Team). Vielen Dank, Meine Herren!

The complete audience recording from Duke 9/23/76.

A way to thank Justin Lee for capturing the quintessential magic from The Mosque 5/25/77 with those Nak CM-300's into that Nak 550. God bless you Justin and Jerry.

A way to mend fences with the guy who taped Mother's Day '78 with AKG D200E's. Greatest unheard master. Peace be yours my brother.

Peace of mind.


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