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Just enjoying the ride while I can, I work hard, I live for the next show. I credit Jerry and the Dead for changing my life, all the people I've met and all the places I've been. After all theese years I still can't get enough music. Peace and love and hugs to all my deadhead sisters and brothers. May the sun shine softly through your window.

First show: 3-12-81 Boston Garden
Last GD show: 6-24-95 RFK
Best other than first: 7-2+3-88 Oxford Plains
Fav stop: Red Rocks

Most recent shows:
Ratdog 11-9-08 Klein
Ratdog 11-8-08 Orpheum
Ratdog 8-20-08 Hartford
Ratdog 8-16-08 Tweeter
Ratdog 8-12-08 Bethel
Ratdog 8-10-08 Ossipee
Ratdog 5-31-08 Hampton Beach


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