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Various music, mainly San Francisco music (not only classic), jazz, improvised rock, classic rock and electronica., Really, I listen to most musical styles except punk and opera., Apart from various progressive or other alternative/experimental metal styles, I mainly listen to classic "metal" like Led Zeppelin and Frank Marino., I try to have an open mind to most musical styles and/or many different artists/bands., My alltime ten favourite bands are these (in order):, 1. Grateful Dead, 2. Yello, 3. Creedence Clearwater Revival, 4. Quicksilver Messenger Service, 5. Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, 6. Allman Brothers Band, 7. Jerry Garcia Band(s), 8. Redbone, 9. Led Zeppelin, 10. Hawkwind
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Micke Östlund


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I'm 58 years old (January, 2017). My profile picture was taken on August 3rd, 2012.

I discovered Jerry Garcia through Tom Fogerty in 1974, being a young Creedence fan. In early Spring of 1976 I bought a copy of "Reflections", but I didn't really discover the Dead until early November 1978, when I purchased my first copy of "Live/Dead". From there on I was hooked, so to speak ... =)

In 1979 I became aware of the existence of Dead Heads through the English Dark Star magazine but didn't figured out tape trading until the purchase of the book "Grateful Dead - The Music Never Stopped" by Blair Jackson, in late 1983.

I was registered at Dead Heads Unite in February 1981 and the TV broadcast from Grugahalle in Essen, Germany on March 28th, that same year, was my "first" show.

That Fall I planned to atend my first real show, when the band played in Copenhagen on October 8th 1981, but because of personal reasons I wasn't able to do so, something I have mourned a lot over in the past.

In late 1984, I became a subscriber to the best Dead fanzine ever - The Golden Road - and had several ads the following years, mostly tape trader ads.

In the late summer of 1986 I went to the US, with the intention to follow my first Dead tour. Unfortunately Jerry got sick after I had purchased my plane tickets and Greyhound passes, but I did go anyway, after a ten year dream of visiting San Francisco.

In the US, I attented the infamous Ranch Rock '86 minifestival in Nevada.

After 10 weeks I flew home to Sweden as planned and have never been to the US again after that. I have wanted it but have never been able to, mainly because of economical reasons (to be able to maintain my life at home as well as have the economical means to travel and experience things without worries).

In October 1990, I did not only attented the Dead concert in Stockholm but the press conference the day before as well. I mingled with the band and on "behalf of the Swedish Dead Heads", I shook hands with most members in the band and greeted them welcome to Sweden. I got a really nice, very personal autograph, from Jerry.

Even though I have never attended that many Dead shows irl, I still concider myself being a Dead Head since the purchase of "Live/Dead" in 1978.


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