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Richie Drouant
Grateful Dead, Photography, Canoeing, BMW R1150GS


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New Orleans native. I first started listening in 87 and then really got on the bus in 92. A simple case of being born too late. It's all good, I am as the handle says, Dead to the Core. There is not another thing in my life that has penetrated my core being as much as the love of this indescribable music and it's live experience. I can only imagine what it must be like to have caught the wave in the beginning. I imagine I'd be pretty good at riding waves now.

Some passions that run parallel to and often intersect that I've found love for are photography, canoeing and riding my motorcycle cross country on the open road to camp and see shows. I'd eventually like to see the world and it's music that way and maybe throw a sailboat in the mix.

That's all for now until time travel is possible. "Let there be songs to fill the air!"
Richie - Dead to the Core

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Friends to travel with, especially on two wheels.


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