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I fell in the love with the band long before I even got to see them live. Once I went to my 1st show in the late 80's, there was no looking back. I love music and spent a good part of my youth hanging out in music venues seeing live music and The Grateful Dead, pound for pound are the greatest live bands ever because they are true craftsmen with their instruments. The music and the people shaped my formative years and seeing them during the Europe '90 tour fresh out of college with a friend is probably one of the greatest experiences of my life. Hopping on rail cars and beating it on down the line to the next show, in the next country is something I'll never forget. I was there @ Deer Creek when the fences came crashing down and I was there in Chicago on the last show. Good, Bad & The Ugly sometimes, but seeing them live was always memorable. I am super stoked for the new chapter that is "The Dead" and I'm so fired up to see them again reformed and rejuvinated...

"The Music Never Stopped!"


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