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Hey Fellow Deadheaders. I have a serious request from tapers and those individual concert collectors. My name is Dean and I am invovled in my own personal project, collecting and cataloging every show The Dead played in the 1980's through 1995 Chicago's show the last played by the Grateful Dead. My hope is to get help from our community so I might put this compelation together. Once completed and certainly while I complete this musical archivel I am happy to share wgat I have compiled and ditigtized to my computer. I know there are resources like the site "Archives.". My hope is to compile this 15year periid of concert music in a non stream form. Meaning I wish to compile each show so that everyone can be listened to without streaming. Its impirtant tonote here that I am not looking to profit or simplify the use of getting dead concerts. Infact I am not expecting to put this together w/o the use of copywrited music (ie Dick Picks Road Trips). This collection is more my quest to own all of the 1980's shows upto Chicago of 95'. Therefore my collection will contain music I can legal share abd music I have personally purchased from the Dead. I spent the 80's following the Dead wuth my Father and Uncle. Although they had folliwed The Dead since 65' because of my age my introduction began in the 80's. As my family rapidly ages in to their twilight years. I would like to have a musical scrap book as it were to remember those summers, fall, winter, and spring shows I spent with family. My other concern is collecting these shows before our members of our family pass on leaving tapes/reals left behind. I am a serious collector and have begun this quest but I do need help. I am happy to share shows that are not copywrited with others. Mainly shows which come of The Deads personal reels.
There is also a large part of me who wants to bring back the old bootlegging ideology that went along with the time period. Hell many of us were introduced to the Dead through a tapers recording. I know in the 80's many fans my age attend theur first show based on what was shared with them regarding the parking lot and the sound of The Dead live which reached their ears through our tape teading. A wonderful gift the Dead gave me. The ability to openly record their shows during a time when music was becoming comercialized. Christ anyone remember the days of NO FLAD PHOTOGRAPHY DYRING THE PERFORMANCE or the other announcement THE RECORDING AND DISTRUBUTING OF ANY OR ALL PORTIONS OF.....SOUL RATE OF....LEGAL THIS BULLSH*t THAT. The purpose BMI warners to make major dollars on the bands they reped. Yet The Dead gave it away and still made money....Ok ok they had rock starts and stops in those areas and they drove the music industry crazy because of theur laid back "share the music mentality. Its impirtant that I mention I agreed with Bobby when he was against the free distrabution of reel to reel concerts avaible fir download from Archive,com. I do agree that it cheeoens the xommunity aspect if music trading. I get that. So like back in the 80's here lays my hunt for Dead shows on tapes. Meaning I am looking forward to meeting our community again hand shake to handshake as I try to collect every 80's concert. That said I am reaching out to anyone who has concert music from the winter shows Jan 1 New Years show to the end of the winter run. I would like to go in order with this journey. However I know there are special shows during the 80's I may wish to get my hands on before its unavailible. So if anyine in the community us still interested in trading please cintact me. I would grately appeciate any help. I want this for my dad I would love to have something tangeable from our own long strange trio. At the sametime I hope to give music back to those who have interest within our community. I love tge Dead it brought me mire then just music. It gave me family and a community of like minded individuals. Ok so to simplify right now I am asking anyone with recorded concerts from the winter tour of 1980 to please contact me if they are willing to share. Likewise as I get a hold of more shows I will keep oyr community abreast to what I have in case anyone has interest in the same concerts. I want to thank our community in adavance for any help. I also would like to thank they members if the Grateful Dead who once upon a time allowed their shows to be recorded. Thus I am able to put together a living/musical/community based scrape book. I also wish to appologize for gramatical and spelling errors I wrote this note on my phone and wgen I went back to edit the phone froze up. Based on fear of losing wgat I wrote. I felt it better to send as is.
Kinda a post scirpt here my assumption was to touch via Dead,net email discuss concert taoes that one may have from the time period and wirj from there. My idea is nit only to collect these concerts but to allso road trip abd reconnect with our community when it comes to retrieving the music. Sure Fed Ex is fine but my first attempt to collect a recording is through meeting the deadhead who tapped the show. Thank you deadgeads. Thus means a great deal to me. Please let me know if you can help.
Dean Aldridge


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