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golf, i like music that's good, OHIO STATE FOOTBALL, sports & golf (my wife says golf is not a sport), olives, my family/friends, porn, travel, golf


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saw my first show in pittsburgh april 1989, shakedown - say no more (chaos gate crashers and police brutality)
50+ shows later
miss the fat man, but so many great memories

Looking for

a good copy of jgb 8-26-89 @ greek theatre, bezerkeley
jimmy cliff opener; played harder they come with jerry
sick - absolutely incredible
midnight moonlight closer - fuggedaboutit

also seeking jgb 8-7-93 @ seattle memorial stadium
beautiful show, one of the best times i ever had at any concert ever
fantastic shining star

6-16-90 shoreline amp, mtn view, CA
either set but would love set 1


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