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Music, social issues, spirituality, disc golf, camping. You know, the same stuff that a lot of people like. Want to know more, just ask., PEACE, LOVE, AND UNDERSTANDING.


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I was in fith grade when I bought my first Dead album (it was actually a tape) with money I earned babysitting, and have been hooked on them since. My parents began to worry about my "lifestyle" when later that year I asked for a tie-dye for christmas, but god bless them for allowing me to go to my first show (when I was 14) because I was already late on 'the scene' and I am very grateful for the few times I had the opportunity to experience the Dead.
Thank you and RIP to those who...well,... are...(the grateful) dead.

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A good copy of the Oxford Hills Speedway (Maine) show in '88, and I would like a copy of my first show [for nostalgia purposes mostly] Sullivan Stadium (Foxboro) 7/2/89. Would like them in CD format.

I am eternally looking for enlightenment and positivity in this world that can seem dark and dismal at times. I have faith that "the universe is unfolding as it should" (M Ehrman 1927). I look forward to what this life has to teach me, and am very grateful for what I have already learned.


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