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James Evan Snidow
reggae, reggaebilly, bluegrass, Dead music


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Host of Uptown Top Ranking on KUCI 88.9FM Irvine California since 1997. Lover of good music of all sorts.

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my first memory of hearing of the Dead was at Camp in 1981, this kid that looked like Greg Allman and his much loved and ripped T-shirt with the Skeletons intrigued me. I first started listening to the Dead from a classmate at prep school in 1985 and I liked what I heard. In 1987 I saw my first show in Ventura and since then to quote a phrase "its been a long strange trip" I am looking to the Dead's show at the Forum coming up, marking a return of sorts to that venue for me. Why connect here? fellow Deadheads who experienced the magic and mania of a good old GD show and said "what the hell is going on here" and looking to relink with old friends, taping friends, and the dude I spent the evening next to at the Forum show and laughed like total fiends all evening long without saying a word to each other. I'd also like to find the guy in the Spiderman outfit at the New Years Eve show I went to..."who was that masked man?"


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