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Many more things than can be stuffed into a few lines...a few that come to mind are internet publishing, blogging & guerilla marketing, real estate investment, advanced sales & persuasion techniques, self-improvement systems and many other fascinating things (hummingbirds, unexplained mysteries such as tantra, cats, etc.)...and my daughter, pets, intelligent genuine non-pseudointellectual people, mountain climbing and biking, critics-darling type movies, making and appreciating art from the Greeks to Giotto to Jack Kirby and Andy Warhol...being immersed in the world of nature; spiritual practices (the more Taoistic and non-dogmatic the better)...great music from Prince to Burt Bacharach to Shawn Colvin to Dylan and of course...taking the one-time one-place energy that was the Grateful Dead (which was my birth-right given to me by my parents circa 1969 in Berkeley and the Haight Ashbury) and spreading it further in new directions...
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Thodal Soule (Steve) Minton


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Intense, talented, wise-cracking artist/writer/publisher...born into the swirling matrix of psychedelia that was Berkeley circa 1969...raised at the Cascabel Clayworks hippie commune in Cascabel, Arizona (Google my piece "Cascabel Meditation: Sunrise") in the mid-70s...misspent my reprobate youth in northwestern Connecticut and regained it all (or some of it) at U.C. Berkeley, summer 1989 and Boston University, graduated 1991...
former and somewhat disenchanted devotee and scholar of Kerouac and the Beats; paid homage to K. at his house of birth and grave site in Lowell, Mass. and house of his death in St. Petersburg, Florida...raising amazing daughter who now is 13 (as of '07) and a talented horseback rider and celloist here in Tucson, Arizona...blogging my ass off at "T.S. Minton Blogs" (featuring a slew of internationally renowned artists, photographers, musicians, shamans/paranormalists et al.) and doing even more fascinating things offline...

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A hint of old glory and Deadhead comradeship, and moving it into the future...and people who can get the joke at


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