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Deb Toussaint
Music, reading History, quilting, gardening. I'm conservative politically...perhaps due to all the American/Military History I read...1776 (excellent), Lincoln, Rev. & Civil War.


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Was fortunate to live in SF area in the 60's & early 70's (early teen years, first concert was the Goodbye Cream in Oakland, got to go only because my Bro took me) but did not see The Dead till I moved to my beloved Alabama and got hooked up with some Dead Heads. Was in Denver for a while (ski bum) and saw them at Red Rocks...again a fantastic concert. I was thrilled to be able to find my Dead concerts online, loaded them to ipod & also burned CD's for car. I wish I knew more DeadHeads!!! Currently a "yankee" for family reasons, am instilling into my 13 yr. old son the beauty of REAL MUSIC. He has good taste & his friends will ask him, "what is that you're listening to"...and so the DeadHead generation marches on!

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I have tried to find a shirt with the original American Beauty cover. All the ones I can find are "distressed"..which are a faded representation. I bought one of those...better that than none. My daughter had an original which we cannot find..and I had bought it at Walmart (of all places) about 12 years ago.


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