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ive been to less shows than some of my friends ... and more than others ... i never cared enough or thought it was important to keep score ... not the least bit concerned with the seemingly pervasive - "i saw ( # # # ) shows" pissing contest thing ... y'know? ... however i am absolutely positive that all of the ones i did enjoy were here in northern california --- i did see/hear the band at winterland, a few at the greek and a couple at frost, shoreline, kaiser, GG Park, oakland coliseum & arena, laguna seca, cal expo, the orpheum and warfield theatres ...

Looking for

friendly folks or folksy friends to jam with ... bass and some rhthym guitar here ... i have a sort of dual citizenship between SF and Rio Nido, CA ... i love to jam ... drop me an email ...

oh yeah and ... does anyone have a 4-star copy of the orpheum theatre 7/18/76 show from the KSAN radio broadcast


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