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reading lots now, lot of philip k. dick, lot of vonnegut, came off of a betnik kick earlier this year.....
playing music, check out my "band:" I play bass in this. On my way towards being a marine, working on progress not perfection. Love hanging out with my dogs, have 3 of them. Love nature, mountains of NC.....

Dogs in a pile.... Rest in Peace Buddy, I love you.

........Wow, wrote all that a year and a half ago, much has changed. Am a Marine, currently stationed on Okinawa, JP, my own island in the sun. Love skateboards, still jamming like it's no one's business, fell in love with the beach. Love it, but what I wouldn't give to be checking out the festies this year, or sitting at home with the dogs listenin to a show. I haven't read a book since I joined the

Realized there is no perfection (except for this 10/12/68 show), but I still progress...

February 2013... Getting out with an honorable in two months, can't wait.. Caught furthur here in SF, SD, LA (amazing time at the Greek), and SB... Thru-hiking the AT here in mid-April (We will survive...). Deadicated to having an amazing story to tell... I love my freaks...

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my sunshine daydream


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