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Doug Foust
Healthy eating and daily workouts. Drumming, Frisbee Golf, Live music, Mexico (my wife is from Mexico and my daughter was born in Mexico as well), Soccer, NFL, ......


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I am a drummer musically. I played in a band playing Grateful Dead called IKO in 86' 87' and then started a band called HOTWAX with my twin brother from 88' to 94' and we played New Years Eve for the New Millinnium becoming 2000. That was a special time. My last gig was playing with my brother in his and Tom Constanten's band, The Able-Bodied Posse. You should check their CD out, "Moved To Stanleyville". It is awesome. If you go to you will see a link to a CD that has a photo of a water tower. This is the CD. My most memorable shows from this gig was the Fall of 06'. Four nights in Arizona and the last night in Vegas. Lots of fun. I have always loved the drum circles at shows. If you played alot at drum circles in the 80's I am sure that we have played together!

I am now finished with my shows attended list. I did see about eight to ten JGB shows. I am in the process of trying to figure those out. I know my first was at the Beverly Theater in Beverly Hills in 83'. I was broke and got miracled by some cute middle aged woman. I felt like she was more excited about giving me the ticket than I was about getting it and I was stoked. I love this site! Here is a grate link of our band playing a TC original.


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