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Ed Pinnella
Engineer, musician, computers, graphic arts, behavior sciences, psychology, trains big and small, camping, traveling by car, conversation, friends and family


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Back home in the northeast with my southern belle and my best friend Tara from Alabama. Funny, Tara lives 8 miles to where Donna Jean currently resides. Me, I grew up in the 1970’s, remain a civil libertarian, was born and grew up in the NYC suburb of Great Neck. I have been labeled a left wing Christian and am not seen as a true believer by the radical right wing that threatens this country.
I am pro-life and against the death penalty, I believe that we have the right to do what we choose and what we desire in our own homes as long as nobody gets hurt. I embrace the term Personal Responsibility and Accountability along with cause and effect. Also, the government should not be busting down the door, busting our compassionate Doctor's, listening to our phone calls and reading our e-mails
I believe that government has a moral obligation to make laws which benefit society since business and individuals will covet with reckless disregard for others. Also, we are falling behind in the world and now rank 9th. What I am really thinking is, "We owe our children an America free of the consequences of our selfish and shortsighted choices" and there is still time. Empower them to see their qualities and follow their dreams. Give them a loving family, give them good role models, give them healthcare and give them full access to an affordable college education. Give them a break!

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One day at a time, cause and effect, and walk the path and stop along the way and meet people, see places and do not take anything for granted. Stay clear of toxic relationships. Pursue my interests and be myself. Oh yea, try to make your ex into one of those life long friends, but not if he/she is causing you and those closest to them pain and hurt. Some people can be a trusted friend whiel others cannot.
Still, I wouldn't suggest running back to the way things were if things did not work back them; life is too short.


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