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Live music, traveling, my monoski, mountain bike and my wife and kids. I miss Jerry every day and going to Dead shows (REAL concerts), camping, dancing with all my friends from the shows that I miss so much... At Jerry's funeral in GG Park, I said goodbye to too many family members. It shouldn't be like that. Without the One Love, message, and positive vibes of reggae music I'd be bumming. Now thankfully, I am a full-on Furthur fan with John now on Guitar, no need for any future band evolutions, this is it for the duration I think, it can't get any better! Thanks also to Dark Star Orchestra for bringing the vibes around more often. I have seen them now about 20 times and CAN'T GET ENOUGH. Bill's kickin' ass in 7 Walkers too. Write me, see you at the shows.
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A recording of Awalt High School, Mountain View, CA 5-18-1967. I missed it because I was busy being born at San Francisco Children's Hospital. Phat trade available!


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