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yachting, sailing, boats, Kuwait, ocean, surfing, the grateful dead
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universality deadhead, became a Muslim in the states about 1996, after Jerry death; in my search for Serenity exploring many of man kinds sciences and paths I choose Islam.
I was raised an American in Naples Italy, (origin of the Funiculì, Funiculà) lived there three different times, total of 13 years from 71 to 88. between our trips around the globe, (father was Navy) we lived in mare island Vallejo, California, my great great grandfather is buried in Mount Tamalpais cemetery. so i was more local to the area being a Napa valley boyscout. about 1982. to 83. this is when I was really exposed to the dead when i met jerry Garcia at a lodge after a rained out boyscout jamboree, then started with a few bootlegs on cassette, to running away from home went to Berkeley theater, show and lot then ended up on the Haight, when my mother who showed up dragging me off the street, ( Ambulance driver in Solano county), collecting crystals, my mother was so glad to get out of the area. then we stopped a few other places in the USA, between 1980 to 1984,we moved back to Italy meeting dead heads and the like was few and far between.
My first show; was on 1992 in Tempe Arizona on dec 7 after driving from Denver in a blizzard for 36 hours, the opener was here comes sunshine, and the Texas drangon fly...memorable venues.
even though i was in the parking lot of Jerry band in Hampton, VA, early 90's And the many Familiar day listening to the dead, with other American military families overseas in Germany and Italy from 1971 to 1980..

25 th reunion of woodstock in Bethel, New York 94, stayed two weeks and got in on the clean up of that site , the freedom fest and camp arrow head. 94 world unity fest in south rim of grand canyon, black mountain in Arizona, subsequent rainbow gatherings, from 92-96.
I married a wonderful Kuwaiti Woman MD,We now have 4 little boys, i raise them to be muslim deadheads, and bi-lingual,

Now being here in Kuwait for 9 years where gas is cheaper than water per liter. I have the only cars in Kuwait with dead head stickers. 2004 Pajero , with 4 inch dancing bears across the rear bumper, and a titanium syf sticker, as well as a STF sticker on a 2003 honda civic 4 door. ,and a 1982 Maserati quattroporte,
If i can figure out how to post the photos here would be cool.

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there was a recording I heard sometime in 1983, and it was a recent bootleg... There was a version of Uncle Johns Band UJB, the in the course the was a Spoons playing a little solo... Who, what,where ?


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