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The Dead were the second band I ever saw. The weekend before was my first gig at 14 years old when I saw the Jefferson Airplane. Both gigs were at the Fun House, North Shore, Tahoe, in 1967. All total, I've seen the Grateful Dead 100 times +/- 5 gigs; never having to follow them around as I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mtns so I would see them 3,4 5, even 6 times in a row when they played in the Bay Area. I especially liked the Greek at Berserkly.. But I regret never seeing them at Red Rocks..... :-( And of course the Airplane about 30 + times, same for the Jefferson Starship (pre-Micky Thomas... once Marty left, they sucked, in my opinion.)And Hot Tuna recorded their 2nd album at the Chateau Liberte right up the road a piece from where I grew up, so probably 30+ times as well.

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YES!!! Looking for the Extended CD release of Paul Kantner's 1983 last solo LP, "Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra." I have a a copy dubbed from the original record release but the quality is not good. I read that someone got ahold of the Masters and added some extended Jams with Jerry & Jorma that were cut from the original release. I have 1/2 + of every Dead gig ever played, as well as other KMPX era music in flac or shn for trade. PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE A COPY of PERRO CD!!! Here is a Wiki about the original release, which I don't want.. I want teh newer (1991?) extended CD release:


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