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Saw about a dozen shows '89-95 in the NYC area. The two shows I attended in Fall of '89 and Spring in '90 were excellent. My friend Dan W. and I got floor seats (near the taper section) for the *10-14-89* show at the MEADOWLANDS. Dan had turned me on to the Dead this was the first Dead show for both of us. He loved the rare first set Help>Franklins. The Space was so crazy with sounds swirling around us on the floor. We had such a great time. Later in the school year I saw them again on *03-28-90* at NASSAU, this time behind the stage. This was a very solid show and I'll never forget the intensity in the air as band was tuning up, everything was "tweaked" and then they hit the opening notes to Cold Rain the place goes nuts! The energy level carried throughout the show. Needless to say by the end of the school year I was hooked., The rest of the shows I caught were hit or miss. Going to a show with cool people and being in the right frame of mind was always key to having a good time at a show.


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Live in Bergen County, NJ. Like working out and going for long walks along the Hudson River. Still listen to my Dead Tapes!


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