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christopher m. hutton--a.k.a. jay--frisko
everything to do with the grateful dead. big part of my life since 74. the art of tattooing and art in general. my beautiful wife rebecca. and my most precious 5 yr. old daughter trinity for without them who knows where i would be. big interest is definetly tattooing as i am currently tattooing @anchors away tattoos n piercing .//2575 s. broadway//303-282-7457//denver, co. 80210//love to listen to the dead n tattoo, especially anything dead related//can n will do all styles blk. n grey color, custom, also into sports, family--- dead--tattoos


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im damn near 50 yr old dead head from the bay area berkeley high 78 quit school went on tour. now living in the rockie mts. co. 10 min. away from redrox. .ihave the most beatiful wife and my pride n joy 6yr. old lil girl trinity. who has seen phil and bobby on da rox and loves jerry. still keeping it alive attending d.s.o shows and anything to do with the good ol g.d.was very fortunate to get to go to the n.y.e. show// 30 n 31 s.f 09 see family..who in da hell n a bucket/it must've been da doses...thank u 4 a real good time..just 4get u knew my name..

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currently employed @anchors away tattoo n piercing in denver, co.i am looking for acouple of old friends i use to attend shows with. mainly my old friend rusty berkely area use to goto shows in the blue dolphin station wagon late 70s early 80s. last seen 20somn yrs. ago w- japenese wife and little baby named imagine. any info would be much appreciated . also duncan oxley; .looking for anyone interesed in g.d. tattoos.or tatt2s any style,720-365-1119


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