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I play the saxophone with Clyde Stubblefield Band. Clyde is "the Original Funky Drummer" for James Brown and recorded "I Feel Good", "Coldsweat", "Papas Got a Brand New Bag" and more. We play every Monday night in Madison, Wisconsin. Join us!
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I'm a saxophonist originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, now living in Madison, Wisconsin. I first saw the Grateful Dead in summer of 1990 the weekend that Brent Midland passed away. The Grateful Dead influenced my love for playing music and made me dream that maybe someday I could be playing, too. As good fortune would have it, I still play everyday! The Music Never Stopped....

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I was looking for tickets to see The Dead in Chicago in May, but that's not necessary any more. I just landed six main floor tickets for the new Monday, May 4th show. We're planning a reunion Dead show get together with friends all over the country. I can't wait. Play it loud, play it strong...


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