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Mitrananda is name given me by BABA HARI DASS
drum circles, good food, good friends, my cats, yoga, Baba Ram Dass, Bhagavan das, Baba Hari Dass, AMMACHI....., ..chanting, my tamboura..the yoga vashista and ramayana story, non-dualism and the crazy wisdom tradition of the siddhas and tibetan yogi adepts..formal sitting meditation practice, surya namaskar practice


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1 st show 77..met Jerry and Ramrod 7/4/89 i have lived in thailand- hitched across america 7 times..worked many years as crew memeber for the 10,000 MANIACS..we opened for the Dead 7/4/89 My first national rainbow gathering was Montana 1976 then new mexico 1977..Where Grandfather David OF THE HOPIS ,SPOKE ON THE HOPI PROPHECY.. I am a AMMACHI DEVOTEE... a student of yoga and shamanism and mystic practicies....and still attend shows in 2008..Took Buddhist and Bodhisattva vows ,and Chenrizig empowerment in 95 from Venerable Lama Norlha..later met Tai Situ Rinpoche..spent alot of time with Baba Muktananda ... OM NAMAH SHIVAYA---- MITAKYUE OYASIN ------ JAI MA ----- my... my- space is my offering to the world

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