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Marty Meyer
Family - Wife & two kids, Live Music - Dead/WHO/Neil Young/SCI/etc, Baseball - New York Yankees, High tech - CFO/COO for venture backed start-ups in the Boston area for many years and now living and working in NYC!


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Grew up on Long Island in New York and saw my first dead show as a senior in HS at the Nassau Coliseum 1/10/79. Shakedown/Dark Star/St. Stephen... not a bad first show. Have been to over a 120 dead shows and probably another 100+ dead related shows since Jerry passed on. Highlight shows for me aside from 1/10/79 were 8/29-30/80 philly spectrum, radio city, Red Rocks July 82, New Years Run 1983 and 10/12/84 in augusta maine.

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Sept 82 east coast tour soundboards


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