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mark ermigiotti
Obviously, DA BOYZ...., My friends and family....., Not too many days go by without me re-reading one of my many "Dead" books just to escape...I often wonder how great it would be to have been able to enjoy some of the later 70's shows ect. Alas, but I was just a ladd..., There is one part of Phil's book that sums it all up for me at least....and I am paraphrasing out the ying-yang....BUT you'll hopefully get the idea..., He writes how the band was playing into the wee hours of the morning one winter in New York City.....After the show was finally over..(one of their marathon shows) they kind of emptied out into the street and it was snowing. The morning light was just cracking through.....They gathered on the sidewalk adjusting their eyes and fell into this big group hug. It was one of those "moments"...where they were like, "this is what its all about!!!!!!!"...., All of us that have run around with our friends to see the boys play have had these moments with our friends that we will never forget. This band has provided great music for our lives but also has enabled us to have great times and memories! The Dead has given each and every one of us great stories and life long memories that people who are not "on the bus" will never understand!!


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