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Music, hiking, the outdoors, hockey, blogging!
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Peter Mecozzi


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Welcome to my world! As you can see, I'm an aging hippy, with a love for the outdoors, live music and free spirits! I'm originally from Buffalo, NY, so you know where my allegiance lies when it comes to sports! I also love to study Zen and Tibetan Buddhism! Say hello, come check out my page on MySpace ... and come back again soon!

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Deadheads, Parrotheads, lovers of life, the outdoors, music and the human spirit! People with positive attitudes, adventure seekers, kind folk, peaceful souls and those who know the power of the heart and soul! People who realize that with everything, comes moderation! Open-minded, trustworthy, quality over quantity, honest, fun and tolerant people! People who go against the grain and avoid cookie cutter thinking at all costs!


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