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Greg Gillis
PIGPEN!! ... The Good Ol' Dead Days: 70 & '71 w/ NRPS ... 77 & 78 w/ Keith & Donna ... Cheap tickets & lotsa room fer dancin'! ... Camping, hiking, mountain biking, road trips, photography, playing my guitar, listening to any and all music ... Peace... A clean enviornment ... Pepperoni pizza with mushrooms ... KPIG radio in Santa Cruz, Ca ...


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Q: Oh dear, what's become of the baby?
A: Too many trips to the Winterland!

I was 13 In 1967 when I first discovered the Dead. I grew up in San Jose in the late 60's and would make trips to SF on occaision with my friends to trip on the hippies. At that time I wasn't a hippie yet (that was to happen a couple of years later in high school) but was fascinated with the scene. One day my friend and I came across a band playing on a flatbed truck in the panhandle. I didn't like them at first. The music was too weird and I thought Pigpen was scarry looking! At that time I liked The Airplane and Quicksilver and over the next couple of years every time I went to see either of these bands (or other SF bands) it seems that the Grateful Dead were always playing with them. So it was by cosmic accident that they grew on me and I became a Deadhead. This was a great time to be a kid in the Bay Area. Bill Graham used to put on afternoon shows at the various venues around town and if I can remember I think they were only about 2 or 3 dollars to get in. My friends and I could get a Greyhound from San Jose to SF for a couple of bucks and see a show in the city and still be home early enough to satisfy my parents worries! Of course as time went by all the older bands fell by the wayside but the Dead were always around and could always be counted on for a good time. After I graduated from high school I caught the "travelin' bug" and hit the road up and down the coast betweem SF and LA to see the shows. In those days we didn't have as easy an access to tour info as we had in the later years. I would just head for a show and if there weren't any tickets at the box office (very rare) one could always be found from someone with an extra. If you wanted "tour" info all you had to do was ask someone where they were playing next. This would also usually lead to a ride to the show as well in the back of someone's van or pickup truck. Summertime was always guaranteed to be a good time. I could work through the cold months and when I had enough cash or the weather turned warm enough for truckin' (whichever came first) I would quit my job and hit the road with my backpack and my thumb to guide me. I like to think that the Grateful Dead have provided the soundtrack to my life in both my youth and my older years. I am in that place now where try as I may I just don't seem to fit into the world as it is today yet it seems foolish to just live by memories alone. I miss Jerry like a long lost older brother and wish we could return to those happy days of old. Friends have come and gone along the way and I'm grateful that the surviving band members are still keeping the music alive in a fresh new way.

A note on the list of shows attended: I've been "on the bus" for a very long time and over the years there have been a few flat tires, engine breakdowns and other roadblocks along the way, so my memory isn't what it used to be! The list is as accurate as I can remember but I'm quite sure there are some shows I've forgotten about and I've probably listed a few I didn't get in to. I managed to save most of my ticket stubs since the late 70's but anything before that is pretty much a blur!!!

"Mama, Mama many roads I've crossed since I first left home" .....

Looking for

Central Coast Deadheads to share the tunes, memories and good times with.

Old friends I haven't seen in a long time and new ones I've yet to meet.

An original Pigpen T-shirt from the early 70's.

Peace on Earth.

"The wheel is turning .... etc. etc. etc. ..."


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