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The Hersh
Re-Living the Glory Days before I'm Dead Meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends.


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Saw a lot of shows from 88 to Jerrys last show. Well I actually didn't get to see the last show. I was in the loop (downtown Chicago) at a recording studio working on my bands CD. There was a heat wave that year and the power went out. So I sat in the studio window looking over at Soldier Field watching the crowds (yes I was that close). Hours later, with no power yet, I headed out of the studio to walk over to the venue. Right as I hit the street they yelled to me that the power had just came back on. I told my band mates that if I missed the show then I was going to finish the tour and they would just have to deal with me being gone for a few weeks. So I stayed. I had decided that if I wanted to be the one playing the big venues then I had to make some sacrifices. Well, sacrifice was right, Jerrys last show! I still never have forgiven myself. At least I saw Brents last show!!!
Oh, thanks Harpo for taking me backstage. It was an experience of a lifetime!
I Really, Really Miss Those Years Of Touring!!!! I even got to meet the boys on a few occasions.

Looking for

Leadville Crew - Sanoma Crew - Chicago Crew - Colorado Springs Crew - Greenhouse Bus Family and Jappa, Harpo, Old Joe C., Pat, Cody, Willow, Anna, Shawna, Charlie, Eric, Jenny, Promise and Blue bus, Green bus, Brown bus. all the busses we left in Santa Cruz and all over the rest of Cali. and CO. and the rest of my brothers and sisters - miss you!!!

Madison Heads -lets get together and jam or hang out!!!!
Looking for a sugar momma to take my broke ass on the 09 tour! Seriously!!! I want to go but I just got laid off.


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