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Music, Life, & The Grateful Dead Family Band
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(Jo Steinmeyer) Aka Grateful Grey


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I was once a kid who had heard "A Touch of Grey" from In The Dark by The Grateful Dead. Ironically, that album came out the year I was born, 1987~! I was later shown my Dad's 8-track player with ThreeDogNight & JethroTull Albums. I was mind-blown, music could sound so good?

I'm now a friendly adult male with a Bachelors in Business Management & Sustainability. I enjoy BasketBall, Animals, Reading, Poetry, & Music.

It is true, that I will remain forever grateful for all "The Dead" music, as a Deadicated DeadHead. I remain a huge fan of other SuperGroups as well.

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I'll find it eventually....I hope.


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