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Thomas Daniel Matin
These days well days working a 40 hour week paying child-support and getting old., I was staying in Lincoln Ne. and once a week KZUM would have dead hour., Other than that just keepen it real and chugolin on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About Me

i'm a only rebel child from a family meek and mild the first thing i grew up noin was a frate train leavin town not nowin were i'm bound. Jerry does that song with such love i'm a deadhead and i din't choose to be a deadhead fact is the only thing worth bein is gratefullydeadicated without that hate that people do.before i knew i was a deadhead i learned all about hate din't choose to do that ether i'm so glad jerry bob pigpin and yes even big sucken mouth phil and every deadhead in the universe are my religion and family becouse i leaned so much more in this world haten sucks like phil and the only thing i feel like doin is doin4 and the gratefuldead.i just turned 46 years old and have two grand kids and i rememer my grandfather was real cool my sperm downer sucked yes like phil but way worse than phil becouse phil is family deadhead.please be true peace love dancin lovin choooooglin respect not bein a freckin rat like man a like of these fools are just brakes my heart to see the man monster just freckin hatin and hatin and haten i'm just ill i now it's the communitie but it don't matter as long as us deadheads keep it real right phil no haten for the monster ok phil the deadheads who feed and watered me are just such awesome little dancin bears just learned so much and din't even have to go tothe monsters prison like some did just this year monster so jealous so what we can stiil have a bear picnic (no monster rats)about me i'm stuck in lincoln ne. the monster rat of the unverse with a gratebig miss everybody boucid and left everything some had no choice the alians came and destoyed like the monster rat told it to so very sad and very ill about it still no reason to hate becouse if i hear jerry he knew what was up and if loud enough chases monster rat away think the universe for the gratefuldead and all are dancin bears in the family

Looking for

i'm just sick for a peace of the tenderlion and a long walk up and through the park i'll skip micydees though.stop in at the shops here some janus scatch some clown shades get real high stop at the store sit on the beach and please just be myself but i always have to run right back home to mommy dancin bear and baby dancin bears picnics are always best that way BUT man if i could i would be so freckin gone dude these monsters are really are ment to self destr%$#@ and cho%$#@ and yes even stink so whatever just no fun.lesson hippis you might now what i'm lookin for better than even myself would missin truth and real deadheads who respect what it means to be under what jerry wanted and it wasint sellin to the man phil and yes phil you pissed me off monster made deadheads give rats money for concerts truth is the shows and picnics we had for family thats the way it is yes border or pay for organizeation but don't let the monster trick the store into think it going to buy are memeries


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