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I have searched the world..., Happiness never found..., Thought may come to visit..., Always next time round..., Never found but seeking..., Directions pointing up or sidedown..., Through the broken pieces..., Of the mad maze makers dream..., What a thing to glance down upon..., The steps on Terrapin ..., Furthur away you seem to be..., Until no sight we can not see..., Quiet as the new moon sets..., The train has gone..., He closed the bets..., Tear falls from a glistening eye..., As the darkness falls, you quckly ride..., We turn our faces to the sun..., All ascend..., one..., by..., one...
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Rebecca DuPont


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Up these steps beside me climb to Terrapin and point sublime.
Robbed of reason, faith, and name; broken hearted, blind, and lame.
Slain by doubt, mistaken trust, abandoned in the rain to rust,
Shriveled by the heat of day; torn to shreds by birds of prey.
Shapeless in the fire's glow. Wont you tell me if you know?
Who it was we were below? Where weve been and where we go?

Lillies have the bees to tend them. Grasses have the breeze to bend them.
Broken hearts have tears to mend them. Show us stairs we will ascend them.
Stair by stair by stair we climb. Voices hushed through sighs by time.
Speak our souls in pantomime. Clear cold bells of winter chime.
Shapeless in the fire's glow. Wont you tell me if you know?
Who it was we were below? Where weve been and where we go?

Pale through this ghostly haze the dawn of the new born moon
Illuminates an ancient maze of rough, stoned hewn.
Trust your faith and enter through the paths the heart divines.
The sun lies at the center through the gates of creeping vines.
How faint the rays of former days in avenues of time.
But it does shine. Emblem of sight. Pride of the eye.
That shatters shadow and all the dark defies.

Shapeless in the fire's glow. Wont you tell me if you know?
Who it was we were below? Where weve been and where we go?

From Jack of Roses -Robert Hunter

Looking for

What makes your sweet breast heave, my dear
your bright eyes fill with tears?
Did Jack O' Roses leave you here
those seven lonely years?

Had you fear he might be dead
unwept in some far land?
Or worse that love itself had fled
betrayed both heart and hand?

Jack O' Roses with a fan
East of Eden turned
built his castles in the sand
and all their bridges burned

Wait for him
Don't take no other
no demon lover
who'll be gone at dawn
Did you throw your fan
too far this time?
Well, well, well ...
from the lion's den
to the morning star
to the gates of Hell!

The morning star rose into hell
three days to shine on Moses
and from his solitary cell
to free the Jack O' Roses

He sprang to saddle like wind, I allow
for bridle strains of lightning
Ride, ride, ride, though tempest howl
cruelly and most frightening

For at the dawn fair Terrapin
arose like revelation
The morning star reflected in
the windows of Terrapin Station

If anyone should ask of you who made this song
say the Jack O' Roses and all who played along
who rise, climb, fall to win

What have we to lose from love
except what lacks foundation
Words can only carve the space
we fill with expectation

The lion's den lies far behind
in visions of the damned
Jack O' Roses one more time
My lady, here's your fan

let me rise, let me fall, let me climb, let me crawl
but let me in
Accept this fan as a token of what I meant to do
for I really do love you

Jack of Roses -Robert Hunter


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