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Native American mom of 2 living on the Pyramid Lake Paiute's a Tahoe thang......
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hmmm.......well this past Mother's Day, May 10, 2009 at Shoreline Amphitheatre was my first time back to a show in 15 years. My birthday happens to be on August 9th, and as most of you know, that was the day that Jerry went on to rock the heavens. I turned 30 that day, and it was hard. The wheel stopped.......The lesson for me, was actually.....the wheel never stopped, it was just me.
I'm older, chubbier, grayer, and cannot move around like I use to. I use to skip, and dance and on occassion twirl......but I don't have the knees that I use to. That's what I miss the most, dancing.......
I have vowed that I will definately be going to shows again.....

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Poster from Squaw Valley Music Festival, August 25, 1991........I went into labor in the parking lot of Squaw Valley, gave birth to my daughter Cassidy that day.


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