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Bob Glaza
learning...always learning, listening, bluegrass, guitar, jamming, reading, cycling


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Tuned in to the Grateful Dead in 1971 - still tuning. A long, strange and wonderful world of sound and sight. Through many faces and many friends - some who get it and some who don't - the music has always been about sharing. Recently, I've rediscovered Garcia/Hunter roots in bluegrass and jug band music. Jam weekly around town. Deadheads come out of the woodwork - I am continually knocked out by the people I meet who listen to the music. Dead Freaks ReUnite! I love this site.

Looking for

- tape/cd/download of any shows in early 70's Iowa
- any sheet music... notes/chords/lyrics
- tape/cd/download of 1980 show in Spokane - about a month after Mt St Helen exploded

...of course, any help is much appreciated!


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