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Jessica Lea Cook
Well, music has always delighted my soul, Camping and summertime fun; swimming, fishing, so it goes without saying, I LOVE MUSIC FESTIVALS!!!!! My boyfriend introduced my virgin ears/, heart/soul to the Grateful Dead, and to live jam band music for that matter! It took me some time to recognize songs, and to learn lyrics, but now, I can't imagine my life without that heavenly soundtrack, nor would I want to!! God placed him in my blind path to shed light as we dance along our journey in this crazy, wonderful world....


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I am very passionate about jewelery,and pretty much any craft. One day I hope to have a family jewelery business, but my day job is Dental Assisting . I also love to read, especially new age/spirituality books. I'm finally opening my eyes and realizing how blessed we are to be alive right now!

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D and looking forward to the coming year and alot of positive changes in our lives as well as in the world! We don't expect too many more dull moments this year and look forward to 2009 being like no other and wish everyone peace, health and all the good things!!!


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