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Life. but then again, isn't everybody? Reading a good book. Pictures because they're frozen memories! And for some reason reality television? And my dog MOE!!


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I'm a very happy person! i'm stoked that my pops overcame throat cancer and is still going strong!GO POPS! i love going camping by the river with good friends, (and of course with my dog Moe!) going to my brother and neice's dirt bike races! they're like my extended family. i love puppy dogs and babies, and grape flavored popscicles!!! And there's always no place like home.....A nice cold beer.

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well, nothing really. just always interested in a good story. knowledge is everything and even if it's just knowing about the times that were once the called "the good ol' dayz"! i wasn't born yet! i was born in '77, so i'm always willing to listen or read about a great time. because i know that if i was a teenager back then, i would have some great stories to tell! i've never been to a show so i can't tell you about them. i can tell you about the good times i've had with a friends sister who had been to one.(alot i should say!) i admired and respected her so much just for being a great person. she always had these fantastic stories to tell whenever they all got back! i looked forward to those nights!! so i guess you could say i'm looking for knowledge!


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