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Music: Neil Young; PJ Harvey; Joy Division; Nick Cave; Jon Spencer Blues Explosion; Johnny Cash; Arab Strap; Kings of Convenience; Papa M; Billy Childish; The Grateful Dead; Richard Hawley; Bob Dylan; Syd Barrett; The Make Up; The Dirty Three; Iron and Wine; Delia Derbyshire; Jefferson Airplane; Quicksilver Messenger Service; Tom Waits; Leon Redbone; Dusty Springfield; Phil Ochs; Steely Dan; George Melly; Gallon Drunk; Led Zeppelin; Guitar Wolf; Pete Molinari; Add N to (X); Motorhead; Ryan Adams; The Cramps; Beatles/Stones., Films: The Man Who Wasn't There; Lost Highway; One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest; The Apartment; Happiness; Paris Texas; 2001: A Space Odessey; Apocalypse Now; Twelve Angry Men; The Godfather; Goodfellas; Billy Liar; Saturday Night and Sunday Morning; A Taste of Honey; A Kind of Loving; The Servant; Edward Scissorhands; Badlands; Dog Day Afternoon; Come and See; The Pianist; I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang; Vertigo; Point Blank; Get Carter; Sexy Beast; Performance; The Producers; Bonnie and Clyde; Dark Star; Barbarella; King of Comedy; Walkabout; Midnight Cowboy; Downfall; The Odd Couple; Raging Bull; Das Boot; Seconds; Oh! Mr Porter; Ask a Policeman; Where's that Fire?; Seven Samurai; Radio Days., Books: J.G. Ballard; Kurt Vonnegut; Charles Dickens; Tom Wolfe; Peter Bagge; Daniel Clowes; P.G. Wodehouse; Michael Moorcock; William Burroughs; Ken Kesey; Harold Pinter; Samuel Beckett; Richard Brautigan; History books.


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